5 Reasons why web video marketing is so powerful


Web Video
Web video can drive valuable traffic to your website.

Today’s web users are becoming increasingly more demanding and lazy to boot! Not all people like to read content online and are attracted by learning visually and this is why video marketing is so powerful! Google have recently launched video ads, video newsletters, video sales letters and video content online meaning marketers can no longer afford to rely only on written content to drive  traffic to their website. Cisco predict that by 2015 62% of all consumer internet traffic will be on-line video, making web video adoption for big and small business marketers a ‘must do’ and no longer a ‘nice to do’.


1. Achieves top rankings in the search engines

Google recently introduced Universal Search meaning your videos will now appear in the search results.


2. Attracts a larger audience to your website  

Video enables you to capture people who like to watch rather than read. This extends the reach of your content because you can appeal to the growing number of video surfers.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then video does even more because you can create video with sound. This engages more senses than written text which only uses one medium.


3. Takes advantage of new technologies and mobile devices

You can view on-line video with all kinds of devices; iPod, smart phones, laptops, tablets etc.. You cannot get on a train or bus without seeing at least 40% of the carriage glued to there device speak to your audience direct through web video.

‘Traffic from wireless devices will exceed traffic from wired devices by 2015 (Cisco) “


4. Brings intimacy to online interactions and conveys your businesses personality

Web video allows businesses to convey their personality, brand and people. People like to buy from people and and through referrals video brings this intimacy to the interaction.


5. Inspires participation in social media and email marketing campaigns

Once opened, video emails and video embedded on social media platforms engages the user to click through at almost twice the normal rate. In these highly contested and crowded marketing times content is king so video is king!.